Most digital, print, radio, and TV ads, brochures, sales letters and websites I see are largely a waste of money.

Businesses ceaselessly broadcast unconvincing sales messages, hoping to capture new customers. Most of these are so ineffective at persuading a prospect to buy, they waste 80% or 90% of the cash spent on them.

The marketing I see in the UK, USA and Europe is ‘image’ or ‘brand’ marketing. It portrays a selfish “me-the-business message,” instead of a “you-the-customer message.”

It says to prospects: “Buy what I am selling. Give me your money, instead of my competitor.” But prospects ignore sales messages like this. They may look appealing, or be amusing, but they don’t compel people to buy.

From the first time stone-age man traded a ‘club’ with his neighbour the only thing he cared about was “What’s in it for me?”

There’s no way he wandered up to the club maker’s cave, wanting to know what business name the club maker traded under, or how long he’d been in business. All he wanted to know was, “How is this club going to help me clobber my next meal?”

Not much has changed! In most respects, human nature is the same today. All your customers want to know is, “What’s in it for me?” They’re screaming, “Tell me the benefits of your product and show me the advantage I will gain, when I buy it.”

As a business owner the nearer you get to specifically answering the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question, the more you sell.

Institutional or image marketing does not come close to compelling a prospect to buy. Why? Because, it fails to persuade. It doesn’t explain the benefits and advantages your product or service offers. It doesn’t lead your prospects by the hand to the point of sale.

How to Grab Prospects’ Attention and Lead Them to Buy Your Product

Over the last hundred years, tens of thousands of tests prove ‘direct-response’ sales messages out-pull ‘image’ marketing by wide margins.

People respond in much greater numbers to a direct, specific, compelling sales message, than to a glitzy “look-at-me-message.”

Any sales message that doesn’t evoke an immediate response from your prospect is a waste of your cash.

Institutional/image marketing is what most businesses produce. Typically, they create an advert with their company name across the top. They show the product they’re selling and its price in the middle. And an ‘established since…’ statement, with their contact details at the bottom.

They are saying here we are, this is what we sell, this is the price, now buy it. But presenting me with your product and its price isn’t enough to persuade me.

This type of marketing hardly ever recovers its production costs. Profits are rarer still.

Think about it. When do you buy a product after seeing it for the first time? Before you buy something, you want to discover as much about it as you can.

What will it do for you? How it will benefit you?  Will it do what you want it to do? How long will it last. Why is it better than a competing product?

Institutional/image marketing doesn’t answer those questions.

Change Your Institutional Marketing to Direct-Response and Watch Your Profits Soar

When you change your marketing from institutional to direct-response, your sales increase exponentially.  For no extra cost.

Do you understand what that means? For the same marketing dollar, your response goes from marginally profitable, to highly profitable. You don’t need any extra cash to reap dramatically higher profits from every sales message you put out.

What is direct-response marketing? It’s presenting your prospect with a sales story and offer so persuasive it compels them to take immediate action.

If you’d like to find out how to make your sales messages up to ten times more responsive for the same cost, try my new course ‘Persuasion Shortcuts.’

It’s a 2.5 hour direct-response copy writing intensive for beginners. Even if you’ve never written a word of ad copy before, you’ll know how to write compelling sales messages by the end of it.

Direct-response ‘copy writing’ is the key to Internet Marketing success. Once you understand it, it will provide you with all the sales, growth and cash resources you need to compete in today’s business environment.

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