Human nature is like gravity. It’s the same all over the world.

Billions of dollars of marketing trials and psychological tests have proven that people from similar demographics respond to the same advertising no matter which country they come from.

We all broadly want the same things: health, wealth, success, an easier life, more convenience etc. If you sell hoovers the advertising message will be more or less the same in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany or Spain.

I admit it may be different in eastern countries—I don’t know—I’ve never tested it. But when an Asian person moves to Europe or North America they respond to the same persuasion principles we do.

For instance take the word ‘FREE!’ It’s lost some of its power lately, but it’s still the most responsive word you can use. More people respond to ‘FREE’ than any other word. It doesn’t matter which country you are in or what language you speak.

If I tell you I am going to give you something for free, you’ll look. At least you’ll look to see if my free offer has value (it should.) And so will tens of thousands of others.

The 2nd most important word in the world is ‘YOU’. If I talk about you, you’re much more interested in what I say than if I talk about ‘me’ or ‘we’ or ‘they’. You care about YOU!

If you don’t believe me, try looking at some family photos. Who do you look at most? It’s YOU of course. You can’t help it. You check out your hair, your smile, how good you look, the clothes you’re wearing. Why? Because you’re more interested in you than any other person in the picture.

Worldwide millions of people look at photos of themselves every second of every day. They spend more time looking at themselves than anyone else in the photo. It’s human nature.

The Power to Influence Can Be Used For Good or Bad

When as a business owner you understand human nature and what people respond to—as well as what they do not respond to—you are in a very powerful position.

You have the power to influence how people act, what they spend their money on, what choice of product or service they choose and how much value they receive.

You also have the power to influence their health, joy, relationships, career, hobbies, wealth—sometimes even the course of their lives.

Persuading people professionally is a serious responsibility. The truth is psychological persuasion can be used to sell terrible products and services as easily as great ones.

Whatever product or service you sell the power of words enables you to influence hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people to take action.

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