The direct response long form sales letter is one of the most powerful tools you will ever use in business.

Gary Halbert wrote a direct response sales letter that brought in $58,900,000 in sales! A variation of that letter is still working today and is still bringing in millions of dollars.

Gene Schwartz wrote a letter that sold nearly 2,000,000 copies of a $25 book. That’s almost $50,000,000!!

Another famous marketer, Jeff Paul developed a letter which he sent to people who requested information from small classified ads he had placed in newspapers and magazines—the old school equivalent of today’s landing pages. During his first month his letter generated $20,000 in sales. Not bad from a standing start.

But with each succeeding month his sales went up significantly. The last time I checked he was up to $150,000 each and every month!

If these examples seem unbelievable to you, there’s only one way to cure your disbelief:

Write your own letter to discover for yourself what’s possible

There’s nothing like receiving thousands of dollars as a results of your sales letter to convince you how truly powerful they are.

But before you write one, you must know the difference between any old sales letter and a direct response sales letter.

The difference is simple…

The direct response sales letter asks for a response!

This may sound a little too simple for you to pay much attention to. Don’t make the mistake of treating this too lightly. It is a very POWERFUL concept. Use it and you will discover a wealth of opportunity you never imagined before.

Basically there are two types of sales letter: the type that asks for a response and the type that doesn’t.

The direct response type can bring you increased sales and spectacular results because the orders it produces are measurable and unmistakable.

Direct response means that the sales letter actually asks for either an order or a serious enquiry. The enquiry may take the form of a phone call, an email, a posted order form or an online order.

And because every direct response ad you place or sales letter you write is uniquely coded, you know exactly which sales messages are profitable and which are not. Then it’s simply a process of rolling out the winners to larger and larger audiences and culling the ones that didn’t work. And that’s how you see dramatic changes to your bottom line in a very short time. 

I remember the first few sales letters I wrote. My first attempt received 3 orders. I made some changes and published it again. This time I got 5 orders. I made some more changes. This time I received 87 orders. That’s a 1640% improvement!

With the other type of letter or ad, which I’ll call ‘image advertising’ there are no unique codes attached to each , so you have no idea which ads (or sales messages) are making you money and which aren’t.

Although you see this form of advertising all around you stay away from it. It’s strictly for ‘household brands’ and ‘multinational’ companies.

They already have more money than they know what to do with. They don’t care whether their advertising makes money or not. If they don’t blow some of their profits on fancy advertising they have to hand them over to the tax man. Ouch!

Usually their advertising is motivated by a completely different set of rules to yours. The main goal of their advertising is to maintain market share, not make more money. They’ve already ‘arrived’. They’re not that concerned with getting more sales. They just want to keep their name front and centre of your brain.

I see countless businesses shoot themselves in the face by emulating ‘big boy’ advertising. A business owner decides he’s going to do some advertising. He sees the advertising of the biggest player in his industry and decides to copy it. After all if it’s working them it should work for him right? Wrong.

The company whose advertising he’s copying is 10, 20 or maybe even a 100 times bigger than his company (and much better known) they’re using ‘image advertising’ to keep their name in consumer’s minds. Not to win sales. And it works for them.

But when our business owner tries it out he loses a ton of money. Why? Because his business is NOT well known. He’s not a household name.

So what’s the takeaway here? It is this: until you reach a million dollars in turnover the ONLY form of marketing and advertising you should indulge in is direct response. Why? Because direct response get sales fast and builds your brand at the same time.

If you’d like to know how to get started with direct response copywriting you might like to check out my new course. It’s called Persuasion Shortcuts because that’s what advertising is all about—mass persuasion.  

And the sooner you discover how to ‘mass persuade’ the sooner you’ll become successful and wealthy.  And that’s exactly what Persuasion Shortcuts teaches you.