Years ago, when I was struggling to make a success of my first business, I drove a cab to make extra money.

Little did I know, while ferrying people around town, I was about to learn a $1,000,000 sales secret.

One day, I picked up a friendly but rough-looking guy, who said to me, “ow much to the station, mate?” I told him the price, and he said, “Blimey, that’s cheap! Give me the name of your cab company, so I can put it in my phone and book you every day.”

I gave him the name, but it was too long. His mobile would only accept nine digits (yeah, it was that long ago!) So, he said, “Come on mate, what can I put you in as?” Before I could think of an alternative, he said, “I know, I’ll put you in as CHEAPCABS.”

And, there it is. Cheap Cabs. All this guy wanted to know was that the cab company was cheap. He didn’t give a damn what the company name was, or how nice we were, or how long we had been in business, or how new the car was. Only that we would charge him less money than other cab companies, for the same journey.

For this customer, CHEAP CABS said it all.

I always thank this stranger for giving me a $1,000,000 sales lesson.

Business success comes from consistently creating powerful headlines. You must grab your prospect’s attention, and compel him or her to buy your product immediately.

You Have 4 Seconds – or Less – to Capture Your Prospect’s Interest

Pretend you’re the customer. Thousands of ads are vying for your attention every day. Look at any website, newspaper or magazine. Start glancing through them. Now, stop at the first article that catches your eye.

How long did it take you to find that particular article? First, you scanned each page, looking for an article you’d like to read.

How long did it take you to scan each page? A matter of seconds, right?

Tests have confirmed you only have one to four seconds to capture your customer’s interest.

Now, think.. Why did you stop at a particular article? What caught your eye? Was it the editorial? Was it the name of the author? Was it the layout of the article? No! The reason you stopped at the article, was because the headline caught your attention.

Other articles could have interested you, but you didn’t stop at them because their headlines failed to grab you.

If you fail to capture your prospect’s attention instantly, you’ve lost the sale. A powerful headline is the number one key to maximizing sales.

You could be selling the greatest product or service on the planet, but if no one notices your sales message, you’re not going to get rich.

Create compelling, attention-grabbing, benefit-oriented headlines for all your marketing, in every media you use. Then, you’ll get your sales message noticed.

One Headline Can Out-Sell Another By Hundreds Of Percent

90% of the reason customers and prospects respond to a sales message is because of what they have read, heard, or seen in the headline.

A moment ago, you stopped at the news item only because the headline caught your interest. Not the editorial. Your customers will respond to your sales message for the same reason. They will only read or listen to your offer, if you give them it with a powerful, interesting headline.

Make a mental not of this. Write it on a big piece of card and fix it above your desk. Remind yourself of it every day: 90% of the response you get is because of your headline.

To put it another way, if you don’t have a compelling headline, you are only banking 10% of the money you could be.

My new course “Persuasion Shortcuts” shows you a simple way of crafting ‘show-stopping’ headlines that rivet them to your message.

It’s 2.5 hours long. You can view it in a morning. Apply what you learn in the afternoon. And see a fatter bank account within a few days.

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