Did you know when a company selling English language courses changed the headline of their advert from:

The Man Who Simplified English


Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

The new headline pulled 300% more response than the previous one.

An insurance company tested two different headlines for cheaper car insurance for drivers with a good driving history. The headlines were…

Auto Insurance At Lower Rates If You Are A Good Driver


How To Turn Your Careful Driving Into Money

The first headline pulled an incredible 1,200% more than the second.

Apply These Sales-Boosting Strategies To Every Area Of Your Business

You can boost your advertising results by quantum leaps when you know the right words to use and the order to put them in.

But, it doesn’t only apply to your advertising! Every area of your business can generate higher profits. Whether you are writing ads, lead magnets, landing pages, sales pages, emails, social media, video scripts, podcasts or whatever—treat each area of your business as an asset to coerce into producing higher profits.

That’s why marketing your business is the greatest investment opportunity you ever have.

You Are In Total Control of Your Business Results

As a business owner, you control your success and your ultimate destiny. But most business owners don’t think they’re in control of their business results.

Most believe they are at the mercy of circumstances they have little control over. If sales are slow, they presume they can’t do much to change them. If a new product fails to make an impact, they say it’s the fault of the product, not the marketing.

But, external circumstances only play a small part in your results. You control your results by the effectiveness of your ad copy and marketing strategies. How you market your product or service, is the key to how prosperous your business becomes. And copy writing is an integral part of marketing.

Not one in twenty businesses I see use savvy, direct-response marketing strategies. When you apply them, not only will you multiply your results, your competitors won’t understand how you’re doing it. It won’t make sense to them. They think there’s no alternative to ‘image’ advertising.

If you’d like to know how you could grow your business ‘tenfold’ over the next twelve to twenty months, take a close look at the copy writing strategies in my new course “Persuasion Shortcuts.”

It’s a 2.5 hour direct-response copy writing intensive for beginners. Even if you’ve never written a word of ad copy before, you’ll know how to write compelling sales messages by the end of it.

Direct-response ‘copy writing’ is the key to Internet Marketing success. Once you understand it, it will provide you with all the sales, growth and cash resources you need to compete in today’s business environment.

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