Direct Response Copywriting

My name is Antony Howard. I’m a direct response copywriter with a proven track record of turning readers into buyers.

I provide the highest level of content creation and direct response copywriting to help my clients achieve their revenue goals.

When you’re in a position where you MUST generate response and revenue, contact me.

When I’m writing for you, my most important goal is to persuade your readers to take the next step in the sales process — to CONVERT the traffic you’re generating into a client, customer, or highly qualified lead.

Dedicated to Your Success

ONE: My goal is to help you sell more of your products and services. I’m NOT interested in winning advertising awards. I’m here to help you increase your sales. As such, I don’t write ‘branding’ copy, only ‘direct response’.

TWO: Testing is my critic. How did the copy perform? What were the results? A single measurement is worth a million opinions. I base my work on what’s worked… based on actual results. If it bombs… and sometimes it does… it’s time for a re-write…

THREE: I sell using ‘ethical persuasion’. I will place your product or service in the best possible light… but I will not lie in order to sell something. In my experience it’s never necessary.

FOUR: I believe in the prosperity and success of my clients… and your potential to achieve your goals with the help of direct marketing and direct response copywriting.

I can write direct response copy for both B2C and the corporate environment (B2B). I’m constantly learning and striving to improve my copy. To achieve this and increase your revenue I have taken copywriting instruction from all the living legends of direct marketing: Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Jay Abraham, Clayton Makepiece , Drayton Bird, Carl Galetti, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and Frank Kern (to name a few.)

Because I specialize in conversion, I write:

  • Presell Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Copy
  • Sales Funnels
  • Direct Mail

I also provide:

  • Advertorial copy
  • Long form copy (web and direct mail)
  • Magalogue copywriting
  • Catalogue copywriting
  • Copy for entire websites
  • Email marketing (S.O.S. series etc.)
  • Autoresponders
  • Display ads
  • AdWords ads
  • B2B and B2C Copywriting
  • AdWords landing pages
  • Ebooks
  • Special reports
  • Video sales letters (VSLs)
  • Infomercial scripts
  • Brochures
  • Content you can sell

I like building long-term working relationships with:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies.
  • Information marketers (financial, health, self-improvement and biz-op).
  • Companies that understand the power and effectiveness of direct response.

12 Reasons My Copywriting Service Boosts ROI & Makes Your Life Easier

  1. Proven record providing copy that converts. I precisely execute direct response copywriting techniques to motivate readers to take the next step in the sales process so the copy generates revenue and leads. Does it convert every single time? No. No copywriter is 100% foolproof. But I have a proven track record writing copy that beats controls and improves conversions.

  3. I hit deadlines so you get your product or service to the market on schedule, keep clients happy, and generate revenue faster. Your copy will be safely in your email inbox on or before the deadline.

  5. A partnership approach. I will make your life easier by solving problems and meshing my copy with your marketing strategy … so the copy generates revenue and leads.

  7. TESTING—YES ALWAYS! I’m happy to test, tweak headlines, offers, everything, to maximize your conversion.

  9. SPEED—7 day turnaround available for ’emergency’ projects.

  11. Flexibility and sound business knowledge. I’ve written copy for everything from financial services to fashion houses and from IT support to health products. I can quickly understand your business model and put myself in the shoes of your customers so the copy produces results.

  13. First-class service. I respond to emails and return calls quickly—providing fast turnaround if there’s an emergency. I keep your projects on track and you get a ‘set and forget’ copywriter you can trust.

  15. I’m a continuous student of direct response copywriting and am constantly reviewing ways to improve response. I’ve read most of the major books about direct marketing, attended many seminars and paid for copywriting courses from luminaries such as Joe Sugarman, Drayton Bird, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and Frank Kern. Not to mention most of the greats who are no longer with us. People like Claude Hopkins, John Collier, John Caples, David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz and Gary Halbert.

  17. I’m happy to take care of important extras like directing: DESIGN & LAYOUT (full storyboards when required), image selection, font types and of course research…speeding up your marketing.

  19. I get it right the first time to save you bandwidth. My copy rarely needs time-consuming revisions. You spend more time on critical tasks and less time on tedious revisions.

  21. None of this absurd hard to get “maybe I’ll work for you if you’re so lucky” copywriter snobbery and nonsense. I can’t work with everyone… obviously… but I ALWAYS treat prospective (and current) clients with respect.

  23. I work remotely. No need for me to take up space in your office. I live in Tetbury, Gloucestersire, UK and work successfully with clients everywhere. Here’s one of them…

“Rare Find”

“Antony Howard is a rare find—a direct response copywriter who understands how to motivate customers to call or get out their credit cards and buy! He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits deadlines, but most of all—gets results! We look forward to a long working relationship.”
Aonghus Gordon— Founder and CEO, Ruskin Mill Trust.

To read about me go here

I look forward to helping you generate leads and revenue.

To better conversions,


Antony Howard
Direct Response Copywriter & Consultant

P.S. – When you hire me you don’t just hire a direct response copywriter but a ‘direct marketing’ entrepreneur. I’ve started and grown 3 separate companies on the strength of my direct response copywriting skills, using my own money. I know what’s worth testing and what isn’t and how to optimize every single element of a sales funnel so you get to the best ROI as soon as possible. Do you want to make sure you ‘cover all the bases’ with every direct marketing campaign you ever do? Then contact me today.


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