About Me

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be rich. Not just wealthy but really loaded. Like my Dad.

He owned a department store, a cargo plane, and a racehorse!

He wore sharp suits and swished around in a Rolls Royce. I thought ‘that’s what I want when I grow up.’

Then suddenly one day he was gone. Dead from a massive heart attack, age 44.

I was seven years old. It was so unexpected all his wealth was snatched by the government in death taxes.

My Mum and I move from our lavish home into a tiny apartment above a shop, which is to become her new hairdressing business.

I’m sent away to boarding school.

But I always hang on to my dream of becoming a millionaire one day, like my Dad.

Fast forward a couple of decades…

I’ve graduated from college and I’m trying to make it happen.

I’ve tried my hand in the music business, working in the ‘city’ and developing property. But nothing is working and the wealth I crave seems further away than ever.

By now I realize I lack the traits ‘rich’ people have in abundance…

      1. I’m lousy at ‘selling’, especially on the phone or face-to-face.
      2. I have a low boredom threshold and hate repetitive tasks (like making hundreds of cold calls a day!).
      3. I’m lazy and loath getting up early.
      4. I’m a bit of a ‘lone wolf’ and despise striking up meaningless conversations with strangers… (aka networking!).
      5. I hate being rammed into a train twice a day to get to work and back.

It isn’t until I go bust and lose everything, I’ve spent the previous 10 years building – including my house and first wife – I discover ‘copywriting.’ WOW! Here is something that fits my skills perfectly. Something that does all the nasty ‘selling’ stuff for you…

        1. No more ‘cold calling’.
        2. No more repetitive selling.
        3. Do the work once, sit back and watch the orders come in.
        4. Work from home – no more commuting, office politics or horrible bosses.
        5. Operate as a one-person business owner with zero staff or stress.

And all I have to do to make it happen is learn something called ‘copywriting.’ Aka persuasion in print (or online, in videos, on TV, on the radio – anywhere.)

I study it day and night.

The more I learn the more I fall in love with copywriting.

The notion that changing a single word in a headline makes the difference between a trickle of orders or an avalanche, blows my mind.

As one of my early mentors says, “Antony, with copywriting, you’re never more than a letter away from making a bundle.”

And he is right. Within a year of going bust, I have $50,000 in my bank account. I’m driving a new car and can afford to take my son on holiday.

I realize that ‘hour for hour’ copywriting is the most profitable ‘work’ I have ever done.

For the first time in my life, I am making serious money running a business I love with no office. No selling. No employees. No stress.

And it’s been like this for the last 23 years.

During that time, I’ve built and sold three profitable businesses. And now I’m starting my fourth – online e-learning courses.

I still work from the comfort of my home with zero commuting or stress. And I still make a handsome living with bags of free time to enjoy myself and my family.

Oh, did I mention I’m dyslexic? Right up to when I started studying copywriting, I couldn’t string two sentences together. Now I can write thousands of words a day, effortlessly.

If I can become a successful copywriter, I reckon you can too. All you need is a good teacher. And that’s exactly what I’m offering you now. I want to help you ditch the rat race and live a life of freedom and prosperity.

I want to show you all the copywriting, digital marketing, millionaire-mind-set, ‘work-from-home’ secrets I’ve learned over the last 23 years, so you can make a ton of money and enjoy the same free lifestyle I do.

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